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I've produced a wide range of print work for clients with diverse brand strategies. Complex, multiple-page projects where heavy content requires information design. Small format brochures with an elegant look-and-feel. Low budget projects in 1 or 2 colors, that impart a high-quality impression. And even those for a hip, edgy audience.

In any scenario, my tactical knowledge of print requirements paired with expert software skills in digital art production are a winning combination. Beyond the creative conceptuals phase, I provide lightning-fast refinement rounds, and clean, top-quality finished source files for printers.

Use my services for:
• Book & CD covers
• Catalogs
• Brochures
• Direct mail
• Packaging
• Corporate ID stationery
• Presentation folders
• Detailed maps
• Special event programs

All samples shown were produced for companies and/or their agent of record. They are beyond development stage and have been launched for marketing and/or advertising purposes.

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